More and more commercial industries and small business owners in Bradley are turning to alternative fuels to keep their fleets going. Alternative fuels can help you save money and produce a smaller carbon footprint. Find out about your options for alternative fuels with Terry’s Ford.

2016 Ford C-Max Hybird

What Is Alternative Fuel?

We’ve been using fossil fuels to synthesize gasoline for our cars and trucks ever since the automobile was invented. Oil runs out, and technology changes rapidly. Today, automotive scientists are creating more and more alternative fuels for our vehicles to replace the gasoline we’ve been using for decades. E85 or “flex” fuel is a mix of gasoline and ethanol, using some of the same materials found in rocket fuel. This is one of the most popular alternative fuels used today. Bio-diesel is synthesized from vegetable or animal oils and comes in different strengths and concentrations of bio-diesel to petro diesel. It can be used in most diesel engines as a replacement for diesel. Compressed natural gas, often referred to as CNG, is made from methane stored at super high pressures and is popular in large trucks.

What Are Reasons To Use Alternative Fuel?

Ford F-59 Propane AmeriPride Truck

There are many reasons to use alternative fuel in your work vehicle. Petrochemicals from car and truck emissions release carbon and other chemicals that contribute to global warming. Alternative fuels have lower emissions and a smaller carbon footprint, which reduce the growth of global warming and help to keep the planet safe. Oil is often imported at a high price from the Middle East, where most oil reserves lie. The high price of gas means it’s time to find alternatives that we can produce within the United States, keeping money in the domestic market and reducing our dependence on foreign materials. Government programs and tax incentives also exist for those who use alternative fuels, making it cost-effective for you to choose a modified engine.

Which Vehicles Use Alternative Fuel?

Ford offers a wide range of work trucks and vans that can be modified to use alternative fuel. The E-series cutaway chassis can use ethanol/E85, CNG, or a hybrid engine, while the E-series Transit Van and passenger wagon are both able to use E85 or CNG. The F-650 and F-750 chassis cabs can use bio-diesel, CNG, or a hybrid engine. The F-series Super Duty pickup and chassis cab offer your choice of E85, bio-diesel, or CNG. You can even get a stripped Ford chassis for your customization needs that can be modified to use E85 or CNG. Check back often to see which other Ford vehicles can be modified for alternative fuels.

Ford CNG Alternative Fuel

How Does Ford Support Alternative Fuel?

Ford makes it easy to modify your truck or van to use alternative fuels. Our modifier guidelines allow engineers to ensure you get consistent and reliable performance in your vehicle. We also train service technicians to work on alternative fuel engines, so you’ll get the best service possible when you need to maintain or repair your engine.

Get Your Alternative Fuel Vehicle Today

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