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Terry’s Ford Partners With Peotone School District

Terry's Ford Halloween ContestTerry’s Ford is proud to let our Chicago and Manteno drivers know of our partnership with the Peotone School District. Through October 31, 2015, we hosted a Halloween coloring competition for kids throughout the local area, with assorted prizes on offer.

Halloween Treats

All children in the Peotone School District between pre-K and 5th?grade were able to enter, and all they needed to do is color in one of our coloring pages. Each and every child who brought in their entry will leave with a free pumpkin (while supplies lasted) in which to carve their own ghoulish figures for Halloween night, and winners from each grade were awarded a gift basket featuring a fun assortment of treats and prizes. The winners were:

  • Preschool: Mitchell Kasper
  • Kindergarten: Katelyn Popp
  • 1st Grade: Kaitlyn Pass
  • 2nd Grade: Isabelle Serivens
  • 3rd Grade: Chase Rivera
  • 4th Grade: Payton Bean
  • 5th Grade: Jake Finstrom

The Peotone School District

The Peotone School District is one the largest school districts in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, with students from the south, central, and eastern regions of Will County, and even a small portion of northwestern Kankakee County.

That means that there was plenty of competition to grab the top spot in each grade, with each of the following schools participating:

  • The Connor Shaw Center
  • Peotone Elementary School
  • Peotone Intermediate Center

Terry’s Ford is Part of the Community

At Terry’s Ford of Peotone, we don’t see ourselves as just another car dealership. In addition to helping local drivers find their perfect vehicle, we always make it our mission to reach out to the community in order to support fantastic local projects.

In our partnership with the Peotone School District, we aimed to bring a little bit more Halloween fun to the area’s students. The team here at Terry’s Ford was thrilled to check out their work!

Terry’s Ford of Peotone Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween

We hope that the students of the Peotone School District enjoyed taking part in our Halloween competition. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ford Joins Habitat For Humanity Detroit to Help Improve Quality of Life in City Neighborhood

Red 2013 Ford F-150

2013 Ford F-150

Terry’s Ford in Peotone is proud to share with our readers that the Ford Motor Company has joined forces with Habitat for Humanity Detroit to meet a special milestone in the Morningside Commons neighborhood in Detroit: the construction of the 100th home build. The Detroit chapter of Habitat for Humanity launched an initial revitalization project in 2006 with the goal of rehabilitating or building more than 325 homes in a 16-block radius, including the Morningside Commons neighborhood. To assist them with meeting their goal, Ford has sent a fleet of 2013 F-150 trucks their way.

The Ford Motor Company has provided more than $3.5 million in grants to Habitat for Humanity since 1990, with almost half of those funds designated to Habitat projects in Detroit. Ford will help deliver supplies to the 100th home build site and the materials will be put into place by a host of volunteers, including members of the Ford Volunteer Corps.

Ford has a long-standing reputation for their commitment to making a difference in communities worldwide and for their dedication to volunteerism. More than 25,000 Ford employees, retirees, and dealers create the Ford Volunteer Corps that together engage in projects stretching across 30 countries.

In this particular commitment to serve, the heavy-duty workhorse we know and love as the 2013 Ford F-150 is of great assistance, as the building materials delivered will continue Habitat for Humanity Detroit’s efforts to improve the quality of life for low-income families in Detroit. Offering a maximum payload of up to 3,120 lbs. and a maximum towing capacity of 11,300 lbs, the F-150 is as able to step up to the challenge as the volunteers are eager to serve.

For More Information

To learn more or to get involved with Ford’s commitment to serving the underprivileged, contact a sales professional today at Terry’s Ford of Peotone by visiting us today at 363 S Harlem Avenue in Peotone or by dialing (888) 832-3250. Together, we can change lives and make a difference!

Terry’s Ford Announces Slam Dunk Savings and Bulls Ticket Giveaway

Save on New 2013 Fords and Win a Chance to Get Two Tickets to a Bulls Game.

2013 Ford Fusion

2013 Ford Fusion

This March, Terry’s Ford is offering Slam Dunk Savings on many of their new 2013 Ford models. To go along with the sales event theme, the dealership is also holding a Chicago Bulls ticket giveaway contest. By liking the Terry’s Ford Facebook page and entering the contest, Terry’s Ford customers will have a chance to win Bulls tickets and other prizes.

The major prize for the ticket giveaway is two tickets to the April 5th, 2013 Chicago Bulls game, where they will take on the Orlando Magic. The winner will also receive parking passes for the game, his-and-her Bulls t-shirts, a case of Gatorade, and a Bulls basketball. Total value of the giveaway is for $500.

To go along with the contest, Terry’s Ford of Peotone will also host Slam Dunk Savings on several of its 2013 Ford models. Financing rates as low as 0% APR for 60 months are also available to go along with the sale.

The popular compact 2013 Ford Focus is available as part of the sale with a lowered price of $13,980; normal starting price is $16,200. This year’s model features new standard features at the base level, like keyless entry.

Next in size is the 2013 Ford Fusion, which was fully redesigned this year with a bolder look, new features, and improved 34 mpg highway. It’s available as part of the sale for $19,919; normal MSRP is $21,700.

The Peotone dealership is also offering SUVs and pickups as part of the sale. The 2013 Ford Escape is marked down to $19,983, the 2013 Ford Edge to $22,921, and the 2013 Ford F-150 pickup truck to $20,500.

Terry’s Ford also has many specials on used models including vehicles for under $10,000. They also offer a ?No Fear? warranty on all used models for one year after purchase.

To see all of the models in the sale, come to Terry’s Ford in Peotone. The dealership is located at 363 South Harlem Avenue. Contact the dealership through their website or by calling (888) 832-3250 with any questions about the Bull’s ticket giveaway.

Terry’s Ford is Excited to See Chris Micetich Back!

Chris Micetich

Welcome Back Chris!

As businesses grow and change, dozens of employees come and go. We try to stay close to them, but sometimes its just not possible. When Chris Micetich moved to our Orland Park Lincoln dealership, we were happy to see him succeed, but sad to see him go. Chris had been with us for over 20 years and his impressive sales ability and friendliness always lifted us up.

Imagine how excited we were when Chris came back to Terry’s Ford after our store in Orland Park closed. It’s been great to have him back and we feel he deserves a little praise for all that he’s done for us over the years.

Top Sales Leader

Chris was always at or near the top of our sales leader board. His friendly, outgoing personality and obvious care for his customers made him many of our customers go-to guy year after year. In 2001, Chris broke all expectations by winning our ?Sales Leader of the Month? award for 12 straight months. We highly doubt that record will be broken any time soon, and makes us especially glad to see Chris back where he belongs.

Generational Selling

20 years is a long time in the auto world and Chris has seen a lot of changes. He has worked with hundreds of car buyers and has seen generation after generation of Fords come through our lot. Amazingly, some of his customers have come back to him time and time again for over three generations of a family. Chris is a big part of the brand loyalty that brings customers back to our shops time and time again.

And a Great Personality to Boot!

Anybody who has worked with Chris can tell you that what you see with Chris is what you get. In the world of auto sales, this is a huge advantage. Chris himself states that he believes his complete honesty and frankness with his customers is what has made him so successful in the business. Chris never puts on a front with his customers or co-workers: he really is that fun and funny all the time!

Basically, we’re doing all we can to get the great news out there: Chris is back! This news will ring happily in the ears of many of our customers whom we’re sure we’ll see in the near future.

What’s the best way to take care of my leather interior?

Find Leather-Care Help at Terry’s Ford

Ford Technology

Ford Interiors


Bourbonnais area drivers can trust Terry’s Ford of Peotone with all their automotive needs. But did you know that our staff are also experts when it comes to taking care of the vehicle you already own? If you own a vehicle with leather seating, you probably enjoy its comfort and beauty every time you get behind the wheel. But your leather interior won’t take care of itself. To guarantee your interior looks and feels great for thousands of miles to come, the staff at Terry’s Ford has collected leather-care tips that will keep your seating in pristine condition.


Keep Your Interior Clean


Of all the tips we could find to help you keep your leather interior intact, the most obvious one is also the most important: keep the interior of your vehicle clean. When dust and grime collect on your seating, friction from passengers? body movements weakens the leather, making it more susceptible to cracks and tears. By regularly wiping down the leather with a clean, lukewarm washcloth or sponge and a little bit of mild soap, you prevent the accumulation of dirt particles that ultimately lead to leather damage.


Keep Your Leather Cool and Conditioned


Besides dirt and grime, sun and heat are the biggest enemies to your leather seating’s health. Hot temperatures and harmful UV rays cause leather to dry out, making it brittle and easy to fracture. When you can, park your vehicle in a shady location, out of the reach of the sun’s rays. Also, use an automotive leather conditioner to make sure your seating stays soft and supple. Conditioners can be purchased at auto supply stores and are a cheap way to keep your interior looking and feeling great.


Bourbonnais Drivers Trust Terry’s Ford for Service


Terry’s Ford is only 13 miles north of Bourbonnais off IL-50 North, and our knowledgeable sales and service staff are more than worth your drive. In addition to offering great tips about how to take care of your vehicle inside and out, our service staff performs a variety of maintenance and repair services to keep your car running the way it was meant to run. To learn more about our dealership, or to schedule a service appointment, contact Terry’s Ford today, or visit our website. Always looking out for Peotone-area drivers, Terry’s Ford is a dealership dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Keep your children safe. Important tips from Terry’s Ford

Child Safety Seat Information from Terry’s Ford

Buying A new Ford at Terry's

Buying A new Ford at Terry’s


Since their inception 50 years ago, child safety seats have been a complicated and misunderstood aspect of automobile safety. But at Terry’s Ford, we believe our customers should have all the information available to keep their children and young passengers safe. Children are too young to make informed decisions about their safety as passengers; they rely on their parents and guardians to keep them safe during travel. So even if you think you know everything there is to know about safety seats, be sure to check out the following information to guarantee your young passengers are secure every time you get behind the wheel.


Important Safety Data for Adult Drivers


According to child safety information collected in and for 2005, almost a quarter of a million children under the age of 14 were injured in automobile crashes. Even more upsetting than the number of injuries, of the young people who were killed in automobile accidents, almost half were not protected by any form of restraint. Although installing car safety seats can be somewhat complicated, they significantly reduce the risk of crash fatalities for infants, toddlers, and children. For adults who travel with young passengers, knowing the ins and outs of safety seats can save lives.


Tips to Keep Children Safe


Child safety seat information is simple to understand and effective in keeping young passengers safe:


  • Use Appropriate Restraints– Depending on a child’s size, there is an appropriate restraint to keep him or her safe during auto travel. Research which restraint is appropriate for your child, and make sure to follow installation directions closely to ensure it functions correctly.
  • Children in the Backseat– Children under 13 should always travel in the back seat. This location provides them with the most protection in the event of an accident.
  • Stay Informed– Child safety seat information changes often. Seats are recalled and installation information is adapted to fit new vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can be contacted at 1-888-327-4236 and their agents can answer all your safety questions.


Terry’s Ford of Peotone Keeps an Eye on Safety


If you have questions about automobile safety, or any other aspect of vehicle ownership, contact Terry’s Ford of Peotone. Our knowledgeable dealership staff is proud to serve the Bourbonnais, Kankakee, and South Chicago suburbs area, and we are always here when you need us. In addition to contacting us in person, you can find Terry’s Ford online 24/7 at our dealership website and Facebook page. For a Northern Illinois dealership you can count on, trust Terry’s Ford.

Keep Your Vehicle Like New This Summer

Visit our Manteno Ford Dealership for Tips on Protecting Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Are you looking for ways to keep your vehicle’s paint job protected with advice from a trusted Ford dealer in the Manteno area? Visit Terry’s Ford of Peotone and speak with a factory-trained technician. We’re proud to offer only the highest quality of service where your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to be the chosen dealership for all of your automotive needs.

Tips on Protecting Your Vehicle’s Paint Job

2012 Ford EscapeWhen you hit the road this summer with family and friends, you’ll want to make sure that your Ford vehicle stays looking sharp, whether you’re hitting the desert, mountains, or if you’re planning on driving on rough roads. There are great tips you can follow to make sure your vehicle’s paint looks great no matter where you’re heading this summer.

If you’ve recently had a paint job on your vehicle, it won’t be long before your vehicle’s paint starts to chip if you’re not washing and waxing it regularly. If you wash your vehicle weekly and wax three times a year, you’re vehicle’s paint will be looking sharp and brand new when you head out on your trip. If it’s been a while since you’ve waxed, make sure you do that at least a week before you leave. The wax works at not only making your vehicle look fresh, but also prevents any damage to the paint.

Other tasks you can do before heading out for your summer getaway include:

  • Check your fluids. This is everything from transmission fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and gas. Checking all of these items could prevent any major problems when you leave. The last thing you want is your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
  • Check your air filter. If it’s been a while since your last oil change, do a quick check to make sure that your air filter looks good. If you have an extra hour or so to spare, you could have your oil and air filter changed.
  • Check your tires. If you’re doing a lot of driving, it’s important to make sure that your tire tread is deep enough, your tires are full, and that they’ve been rotated, balanced, and aligned.

Choose Terry’s Ford as Your Dealer

Not sure what else needs to be done? Stop by Terry’s Ford, a premier dealer near Manteno, and speak with one of our friendly factory-trained technicians. We’ll make sure that your vehicle is in the best shape possible so you can enjoy an exciting road trip with your friends. Find us on Facebook for more information or come see us today!

Don’t Forget the Essentials For Summer Trips!

Summer Safety Packing Tips From Terry’s Ford

When you choose us as your Ford dealer in Peotone, you can always count on our factory-trained technicians to provide great tips so you can have a more enjoyable experience with your vehicle. Stop by Terry’s Ford of Peotone today, where we’ll help find the vehicle that’s right for you while telling you about the safety items to pack for your summer adventures.

Safety Items to Pack for Your Summer Getaway

Are you getting ready to head out for an exciting adventure with family or friends? There are important safety items you should bring with you to ensure that you remain safe while on the road. Remember what your parents always told you: always expect the unexpected. Here’s what you should bring:

  • automobile first aid kitCell phone and charger. This might sound like a given, but people often want to leave their cell phones at home to truly get away from everything. This isn’t always the best idea in the event of an emergency. Always bring your cell phone with you ? you can always leave it in your vehicle when you’re heading out hiking or enjoying a day relaxing in the sun fishing.
  • Water. If you’re heading out to extremely warm climates and your vehicle breaks down or you get a flat, it’s not always known when you can get assistance. Having water will keep you hydrated when the hot sun is beaming down on you.
  • Tools. Always bring a few tools that you’d need in case your vehicle breaks down. These items should include a flashlight, radio, hammer, WD40, rags, needle nose pliers, wrench, and other tools that would be useful.
  • First aid kit. While many people should have a first aid in their vehicle, that’s not always the case. If your trip includes a long car ride, make sure to bring one with you. In the event that something happens and a person is injured during your trip, you’ll have what they need to be treated.

Visit Terry’s Ford

Want more tips on what to bring on long car trips this summer from a Peotone, IL Ford dealer that you can trust? Stop by Terry’s Ford and speak with a factory-trained technician today. Our team will tell you about the necessary tools to make sure you’re fully prepared in the event something goes wrong on your summer getaway. Find Terry’s Ford on Facebook for more information of comes see us today.

Terry’s Ford Lending a Hand to the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Terry’s Ford of Peotone Encourages Steger, IL Residents to Lend a Hand in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Ford Warriors in Pink

Ford Warriors in Pink

Committed to being a leading Ford dealer near Steger, IL and other local communities, Terry’s Ford of Peotone is proud to promote breast cancer awareness through Ford Warriors in Pink via the “Models of Courage” campaign. By supporting a variety of research enterprises, the Ford Warriors in Pink initiative gives much needed support to breast cancer survivors. Breast cancer touches the lives of many Americans. When you visit our showroom in Peotone, please ask one of professionals about how you can contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

Ford Warriors in Pink

For over 18 years, Ford Motor Company has contributed to this cause by raising more than $115 million. Now it’s easy for you to lend helping hand. During 2012, the Ford Warriors in Pink are presenting the “Models of Courage” campaign. Through highlighting the stories of 11 women and men who are breast cancer survivors, their focus is to create more awareness and generating funding for ongoing research by honoring the strength and courage of these individuals.

How Can You Get Involved?

It’s simple. Start by going to the Ford Cares website. There you’ll learn about the stories of 11 people who have persevered against the odds. Not only are these individuals role models who spread awareness through compassionate engagement by sharing personal accounts and revelations, but they’re also Models of Courage by showcasing a great line of clothes designed to raise funds for research. Viewers can purchase these items to contribution to the Ford Warriors in Pink initiative. Most importantly, 100% of the profits go directly to the fight against breast cancer.

A new feature of this program for 2012 is that people who buy Warrior in Pink apparel can choose a variety of breast cancer charities to support via their contribution. The four organizations are:

  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure This charitable body is dedicated to empowering people, ensuring quality care for all, and energizing science to find greatly needed cures.
  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation (DSLRF) Harnessing the power of 365,000 volunteers from across the entire country, this foundation funds, conducts, and fast-tracks research for understanding the causes of breast cancer and developing ways to prevent it.
  • The Pink Fund Making a direct impact now, The Pink Fund provides essential financial aid in the form of direct bill payment for patients in active treatment.
  • Young Survival Coalition ? This institution improves the lives of young women living with breast cancer by providing direct support to educate and empower individuals battling against this disease.


Terry’s Ford: Helping to Make a Difference

Terry’s Ford in the Steger area encourages all of their clients to support this cause and others that are important to Illinois communities. By simply purchasing Warrior in Pink apparel gives essential support to breast cancer survivors and their families. Join us is lending a hand in the fight against breast cancer.

Remember Carroll Shelby’s Contributions to Ford

Ford Dealers Near Matteson, IL Remember Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby

Ford dealers near Matteson, IL and beyond are saddened to learn of the passing of Carroll Shelby, a fixture in the Ford family for nearly 60 years. Shelby was instrumental in his contributions to the concept and production of a number of Ford’s most famous performance and racing vehicles such as the Cobra and the Shelby Mustang of the 1960s, as well as the 2004 Shelby Cobra Concept car, the 2005 GT, and the 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang. His love of automotive engineering and design made him a huge asset to the Ford design teams that worked on bringing these legendary vehicles to the automotive market.

Carroll Shelby’s Contributions

Ford dealers near Matteson, IL can tell you that Shelby’s love of high-performance vehicles was first seen during his racing career, beginning in the early 1950s when he drove Ford-powered vehicles at the track. His passion and knowledge of race cars made him an asset to Ford, who hired him to not only develop the technology to make these cars even faster on the track, but to implement that knowledge into vehicles that could be taken out on the streets as well. This led to the 1964 Mustang GT350, the first street-legal, high-performance Mustang that Ford produced. What started out as a love for high-octane racing technology became available on the streets for drivers to enjoy for themselves. As a result, Ford and Shelby solidified their mark on automotive American culture. Needless to say, his legacy lives on in Ford’s current models, and his influence can be felt throughout their lineup of new vehicles.

Terry’s Ford Meets Your Automotive Years

While the world may have lost Carroll Shelby, his passion and innovation for automotive engineering technology lives on in the Ford models that we continue to enjoy today. We’re a Ford dealer near Matteson, IL that features the latest Ford models; Terry’s Ford has an incredible selection of new and used vehicles at competitive prices. We are open six days a week for your convenience. Visit us today and see why Ford is an iconic name in American motor culture. We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with our selection of vehicles, our prices, and our commitment to excellent customer service.

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