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The 2015 Ford Mustang’s 911 Assist Feature

2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang

Celebrating 50 years since its creation, the 2015 Ford Mustang will be fully redesigned and equipped with new engine options this year, and we’re looking forward to offering at Terry’s Ford in Peotone. It will also be a technological trailblazer thanks to its 911 Assist feature. Drivers who want the muscle car experience don’t have to sacrifice safety or the convenience of connectivity. You can enjoy all the style and performance of the Mustang with even more reassurance in emergencies.

Security When You Need It Most

With the unveiling of the 2015 Mustang comes the latest in Ford’s 911 Assist technology. This state-of-the-art system directly notifies emergency operators in the event of a collision and relays specific details about the crash, including maximum change in velocity, seatbelt usage, and airbag deployment ? it even provides GPS coordinates.

This technology doesn’t have to go through a third party ? the message and data is given directly to the 911 operators in a fashion that is concise, with all the relevant details. In addition, the voice line opens up so the operator is directly connected to the driver and passengers in the car via hands-free technology. All in all, this will help make response times fast, which should put Bradley drivers? minds at ease.

Even More Safety

The 2015 Ford Mustang is not stopping there. Among other things, the 2015 model will be sporting an independent rear suspension, giving more stable handling over bumps and turns. And with MyFord touch, you can stay connected with convenience and safety when operating audio and navigation systems. Other safety features include anti-lock disc brakes, a rearview camera, and Ford’s MyKey system, which allows limits to be placed on speed and stereo volume for young drivers.

Learn More About the 2015 Mustang at Terry’s Ford of Peotone

So whether it’s the Mustang coupe that catches your eye or the convertible that puts the wind in your sails, the 2015 Ford Mustang will be a total package of muscle car style and performance with a diverse array of engine options ?and plenty of reassurance from its advanced technologies, including 911 Assist. To learn more visit our dealership in Peotone, which is just a short drive from Bradley.

Ford’s Obstacle Avoidance System Helps Prevent Collisions

driving wheel dashboardFord is known for developing innovative safety features to keep occupants as protected as possible in the event of a collision. Now, the automaker is working on technology to help make automobile accidents a thing of the past. Ford’s Obstacle Avoidance System is designed to control both steering and braking to assist a vehicle in avoiding a hazard. This kind of self-driving technology has the potential to drastically change the transportation industry.

Basics of the Obstacle Avoidance System

Ultrasonic sensors, radar, and a camera are all used to scan up to 200 meters ahead of a vehicle. On the additional built-in display, a warning sign as well as a chime will sound if a hazard is detected. If a driver does not react to the waring signs provided by the Obstacle Avoidance System, vehicle will automatically brake and look for a gap in traffic where the vehicle can steer to avoid a crash. Currently the system has been tested at speeds of up to 38 mph.

Ford has stated that in tests done by researchers in Germany, fewer than one third of drivers that are involved in rear-end crashes attempt to steer before the collision. The Obstacle Avoidance System was created as part of a research project and was presented using a Ford Focus in Lommel, Belgium.

Previous Safety Advances

Before the development of the Obstacle Avoidance System, Ford had offering several other groundbreaking features to help prevent a crash. Last year, Lane Keeping Alert was released. This feature vibrates the wheel when it senses that a vehicle is veering out of its lane without using a turn signal.

There is also the Active City Stop feature that applies the brakes if an object is detected in front of the car. However, Active City Stop is only effective if the object detected is not moving or is going less than 19 mph more than the car.

Visit Terry’s Ford Today

If you would like to know more about Ford’s Obstacle Avoidance System or are interested in experiencing other features like Lane Keeping Alert or Active City Stop for yourself, be sure to stop by Terry’s Ford of Peotone. We look forward to seeing you soon!

How to Avoid Getting Tickets

It happens to nearly all of us at one time or another: we get pulled over and issued a ticket. Tickets of any kind can be a pricy and the whole process can be rather nerve-wracking. However, there are a few basic driving techniques that can help you avoid getting driving tickets. None of these techniques are illegal, but it should be stated that the easiest way to avoid getting a ticket is to simply follow the rules of the road.

Drive Defensively

One way that people get tickets is by drawing attention too much attention. Aggressive and erratic driving is one way for cops to notice you very quickly. They may pull you over regardless of your speed simply because you are driving so poorly. Drive patiently and defensively to avoid drawing attention to yourself. Blending in with traffic is the easiest way to avoid catching the eye of an attentive cop.

Maintain Your Car

Another way you may stand out to an officer is exterior damage to your car. Cracked windshields, burned out tail lights, scraps along the side of the car, missing rear view mirrors and other issues immediately catch a cop’s eye and are likely to make officers watch your driving more closely.

Many types of exterior damage, such as burned out lights or missing rear view mirrors can actually get your pulled over and issued a fix-it ticket. It’s also important to wear your seat belt at all times as this can be a perfect reason for a cop to pull you over. Bring your car in for regular vehicle maintenance at Terry’s Ford whenever you need repairs.

Watch for Ambush Areas

Cops often pick out of sight areas to hide to catch inattentive, law breaking drivers. These techniques work very well, but can be frustrating to those who aren’t breaking laws. Always be on the lookout for parked cop cars or areas that cops may be hiding. Large bill boards, wide trees, bushes, small public driveways and even car pooling parking lots are all regular places cops may park. Driving as if a police car is always nearby is a great way to avoid driving poorly.

Avoid the Fast Lane

One interesting way to avoid tickets is to stay out of the fast lane as much as possible. Studies have shown that people in the fast lane get pulled over more often regardless of whether or not they’re driving faster. This is because they appear to be driving faster than they should because they are passing the other cars. Also, it is often illegal to drive in the fast lane if you aren’t passing. Stay in the slow lane to avoid these problems.

Do You Know When It’s Time for New Tires?

How to Know When You Should Change Your Tires

New Tires

Is it Time for New Tires?

Terry’s Ford is your source for Ford service near Manteno, IL. We’re always available to help or answer questions regarding how to best care for your vehicles. One question we hear from our customers very often is how they can know when their tires are worn out and when they should be replaced. Here are a few simple tips to help you better understand how tires get worn out and when they need to be replaced.

Check the Tire Tread

This is an easy test that anyone can do at home. Measure the tread left on your car with a ruler. If you put the ruler into the tread and it measure less than 1/16th of in inch, or 1.6mm, it’s time for a change. A tire tread worn down this low is bald and shouldn’t be driven on. Contact our Manteno area service department right away to get your tires changed.

Check For Wear Indicator Bars

Most tires manufactured recently will come with wear indicator bars that let you know when the tire has become too worn out. There are different kinds of indicators built into tires, so always ask when you have your tires replaced how the indicators work.

One kind of indicator appears as rubber bars molded in between and perpendicular to the tread of the tire. When the rubber of the tread is worn down too much, this bar will be flush with the surface of the tread. Another kind of indicator appears as a bar that shows up only after the tread is worn away. Make sure you know how to properly read these indicators and you’ll know when it’s time for a new tire.

If You See or Feel Anything Strange

Any visible change in your tire is probably a bad sign. If there are cracks in the rubber, it’s probably too old and has dried out so much that the rubber may not be safe anymore. Remember that tires wear out in a few years, whether or not they’ve been driven on, so make sure you know how old your tires are. If there are bulges in the tire, the casing may be getting ready to blow out. If your car has started making excess noise or vibrates quite a bit, check to see if all the tires are in good shape.

Come to the repair shop at Terry’s Ford when you need a new set of tires or when it’s time to perform any regular maintenance or repair. We look forward to assisting you with all your maintenance needs!

Terry’s Ford Saving You Money with Automobile Service Facts

A Few Shocking Myths About Auto Maintenance

For those of you looking for a Ford dealership in Peotone, you should consider Terry’s Ford. We believe that in the new car search, it’s vital that you be an informed buyer, and furthermore, an informed car owner. With that said, we’d like to let you in on some commonly held, but false beliefs that end up costing car owners money every year.

Let’s Dispel Some Automobile Myths

2012 Ford Super Duty
They say you’re supposed to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles, and frankly, this just isn’t true. This myth actually goes all the way back to the 70’s, when oil technology was still evolving. Back then it was true, but today your car can last much longer – up to 7,500 miles – before it will need an oil change.

Another commonly held belief is that fuel additives are good for your engine, that you need another substance that will help keep deposits from building up and clogging your system. What you may not have known though, is that gasoline companies are required to add such solutions to their gasoline, so further adding other substances isn’t going to do much of anything.

When it cold outside, you’ve probably been guilty of letting your engine warm up before you start driving. The reality is that this practice is completely without warrant. Simply put, as long as you don’t put the pedal to the metal right off the bat, you can start driving as soon as your engine starts up, no matter how cold it is. The bottom line is that it is not particularly bad for your engine.

Another shocking reality is that you don’t actually need “regular engine tune-ups” well, certainly not as much some mechanics would like you to think. It’s best to have your engine thoroughly checked every 50,000 miles, and as soon as you experience a problem with your engine, you ought to have it serviced immediately.

We’re here for all of your service needs at Terry’s Ford, and we want to save you some money while you’re at it, so take a look at our service specials.

Let The Knowledgeable Staff At Terry’s Ford Serve You Right

All in all, Terry’s Ford of Peotone is an honest, reputable dealership that wants you to get the most out of your car, while keeping the most in your wallet. We highly encourage you to come visit us; what are you waiting for? Visit us today!

Helpful Car Buying Tips From Terry’s Ford

Tips For Car Shopping in Today’s Crowded Automotive


2012 Ford Edge

2012 Ford Edge

Back when Ford started manufacturing cars, deciding what car to buy was an extremely easy choice. Today there are so many brands, so many styles, and so many types of features that it can hard to know where to start or even what you want. Our Ford dealership near Frankfort IL still is a place where you can test drive hard work and American ingenuity. Terry’s Ford has assembled a few tips on how to go shopping for a car in the 21st century to help you in your search.

How to Improve Your Vehicle Search

Terry’s Ford in Peotone has a wide selection of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles to suit all budgets, but first you have to know what your budget is and what makes sense for you. There are some people who are going to be able to buy a car outright while others will need to finance. You need to first decide how much you can pay monthly, how much of a down payment you can make, and where you are going to get financing. You can often finance through your bank or even get financing through us at Terry’s Ford.

Of course, you need a vehicle to finance, and while our sales staff can show you around our lot, a great way to see for yourself a variety of styles and features is to go to an auto show, if one is available. Some people know exactly what they want, but other drivers don’t know if they want a sedan, pickup truck, or hatchback. You can compare photos online, but nothing’s going to beat seeing the real thing up close in person.

One last thing to consider is that, with gas prices skyrocketing, looking for a car with better fuel economy than your current car is a must. Were you aware that many state governments offer incentives for hybrid cars and alternative-fuel vehicles, including Illinois? These incentives can be in the form of tax breaks or deductions at the time of purchase. You can get a good deal while protecting the environment!

Visit Terry’s Ford for Your Next Car

Some dealerships try to give you the high-pressure treatment, but our goal at Terry’s Ford is to make sure you’re satisfied and comfortable. When you’re ready to look around and take a test drive, we will be here to help! Ask us your Ford questions and we will be happy to help!


Road Safety for Camper Towing From Terry’s Ford

Camper Towing Tips From Terry’s Ford

2012 Ford Explorer

2012 Ford Explorer

Campers are a great choice for those looking to experience the outdoors, while still maintaining modern conveniences. Before you hit the road and tow your new camper to the campsite, there are several important tips that you should know about how to properly tow a camper. Your leading Lake Bluff area Ford dealer, Terry’s Ford, is here with some handy information that will help you make the most out of your camping trip. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers well informed on all things automotive, so enjoy these tips the next time you take your camper out for the weekend.

Towing Tips

Most importantly, before you attempt to tow any camper with your vehicle make sure that your Ford truck or SUV is rated for towing. Your owner’s manual should tell you exactly how much weight your vehicle is capable of towing safely and you should never exceed that limit; not only is this unsafe, but doing so could cause you trouble if you find yourself in a situation where you need to make an insurance claim. Always make sure to properly connect all wiring and safety lines and to test the brake lights and turn signals before you leave. Preparing properly for a trip can save you trouble down the road; it is wise to devise a checklist you can use each time you take your camper out.

Once you’re on the road there are still many things to consider when towing a camper. In some cases, the camper being towed will be wider than the vehicle towing it, which can affect how you take turns. It takes practice to learn how to properly turn with a camper so that the camper doesn’t hit any curbs, trees, or signs.

Campers increase the weight of your vehicle and added mass means you’ll need more energy to accelerate and slow down. Give yourself ample time to brake and make sure that you don’t put yourself in a situation that requires fast acceleration; always make sure you have enough time/space to pass other vehicles safely. Driving in reverse can be particularly tricky with a camper attached so make sure you practice maneuvering the camper before you leave for your trip.

Come Visit Terry’s Ford For More Great Tips

If you’d like to learn more about how to properly tow a camper or have any questions, our friendly staff here at Terry’s Ford would like to invite you to come to our Ford dealership today. We’d love to help you in any way that we can, and you’ll appreciate our dedication to customer satisfaction. Come experience the Terry’s Ford advantage today.

Vehicle Airbag System Tips Terry’s Ford Bourbonnais

Some Basic Information on Your Vehicle’s Airbag


Ford Logo

Airbags have become a standard addition to all vehicles sold in the U.S., prompted at least in part due to the fact that they have been shown to reduce the chance of dying in a crash by up to 30%. But how do they work? Any Bourbonnais Ford dealer can help you understand your airbag system ? and we’ll be happy to do so here at Terry’s Ford ? but a little basic knowledge can help you understand them on your own.

How Airbags Protect You and Your Passengers

Airbags essentially work by reducing your momentum during a crash. After a crash, your body will continue to move at the same speed and in the same direction the car was previously driving. The seat belt helps slow you down a lot, but it can also cause problems if your speed is too high. The airbag inflates nearly instantly after a crash, slowing your momentum further and keeping you from slamming into the dashboard or flying out the window.

How it Works

Your airbag system works using a sensor that detects collisions. This sensor senses collision forces and will tell your airbag to inflate if a force equal to hitting a brick wall at 10 to 15 miles per hour or more occurs.

Once this impact force is detected, the sensor will cause a mechanical switch to flip. This switch closes a current indicating to the airbag inflation system that a crash has occurred. The inflation system will then combine sodium azide with potassium nitrate to produce nitrogen gas, which inflates the bag. All of this occurs in a fraction of a second.

Safety Concerns

Never rely only on an airbag to protect you in a collision. They are only effective when they are used along with a seat belt and the two can work together to keep you safe. Proper seat positioning is also necessary to avoid getting hurt by an airbag. Move your seat back as far as is comfortable and safe for regular driving. Recline the back of your seat slightly, trying to aim the steering wheel or passenger airbag panel at your chest. Try to keep at least 10 inches from you and the point where the airbag will inflate.

Children under the age of 12 or children under 20 pounds should never ride in the front seat, as an airbag can cause serious harm.

Get Airbag System Help and Repair at Terry’s Ford

Is your airbag system in your Ford malfunctioning? Visit our service center near Bourbonnais to get it repaired. We will inspect it for damage, assess the problem, and get your airbag system back up and protecting you in no time.


Keep your children safe. Important tips from Terry’s Ford

Child Safety Seat Information from Terry’s Ford

Buying A new Ford at Terry's

Buying A new Ford at Terry’s


Since their inception 50 years ago, child safety seats have been a complicated and misunderstood aspect of automobile safety. But at Terry’s Ford, we believe our customers should have all the information available to keep their children and young passengers safe. Children are too young to make informed decisions about their safety as passengers; they rely on their parents and guardians to keep them safe during travel. So even if you think you know everything there is to know about safety seats, be sure to check out the following information to guarantee your young passengers are secure every time you get behind the wheel.


Important Safety Data for Adult Drivers


According to child safety information collected in and for 2005, almost a quarter of a million children under the age of 14 were injured in automobile crashes. Even more upsetting than the number of injuries, of the young people who were killed in automobile accidents, almost half were not protected by any form of restraint. Although installing car safety seats can be somewhat complicated, they significantly reduce the risk of crash fatalities for infants, toddlers, and children. For adults who travel with young passengers, knowing the ins and outs of safety seats can save lives.


Tips to Keep Children Safe


Child safety seat information is simple to understand and effective in keeping young passengers safe:


  • Use Appropriate Restraints– Depending on a child’s size, there is an appropriate restraint to keep him or her safe during auto travel. Research which restraint is appropriate for your child, and make sure to follow installation directions closely to ensure it functions correctly.
  • Children in the Backseat– Children under 13 should always travel in the back seat. This location provides them with the most protection in the event of an accident.
  • Stay Informed– Child safety seat information changes often. Seats are recalled and installation information is adapted to fit new vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can be contacted at 1-888-327-4236 and their agents can answer all your safety questions.


Terry’s Ford of Peotone Keeps an Eye on Safety


If you have questions about automobile safety, or any other aspect of vehicle ownership, contact Terry’s Ford of Peotone. Our knowledgeable dealership staff is proud to serve the Bourbonnais, Kankakee, and South Chicago suburbs area, and we are always here when you need us. In addition to contacting us in person, you can find Terry’s Ford online 24/7 at our dealership website and Facebook page. For a Northern Illinois dealership you can count on, trust Terry’s Ford.

Don’t Forget the Essentials For Summer Trips!

Summer Safety Packing Tips From Terry’s Ford

When you choose us as your Ford dealer in Peotone, you can always count on our factory-trained technicians to provide great tips so you can have a more enjoyable experience with your vehicle. Stop by Terry’s Ford of Peotone today, where we’ll help find the vehicle that’s right for you while telling you about the safety items to pack for your summer adventures.

Safety Items to Pack for Your Summer Getaway

Are you getting ready to head out for an exciting adventure with family or friends? There are important safety items you should bring with you to ensure that you remain safe while on the road. Remember what your parents always told you: always expect the unexpected. Here’s what you should bring:

  • automobile first aid kitCell phone and charger. This might sound like a given, but people often want to leave their cell phones at home to truly get away from everything. This isn’t always the best idea in the event of an emergency. Always bring your cell phone with you ? you can always leave it in your vehicle when you’re heading out hiking or enjoying a day relaxing in the sun fishing.
  • Water. If you’re heading out to extremely warm climates and your vehicle breaks down or you get a flat, it’s not always known when you can get assistance. Having water will keep you hydrated when the hot sun is beaming down on you.
  • Tools. Always bring a few tools that you’d need in case your vehicle breaks down. These items should include a flashlight, radio, hammer, WD40, rags, needle nose pliers, wrench, and other tools that would be useful.
  • First aid kit. While many people should have a first aid in their vehicle, that’s not always the case. If your trip includes a long car ride, make sure to bring one with you. In the event that something happens and a person is injured during your trip, you’ll have what they need to be treated.

Visit Terry’s Ford

Want more tips on what to bring on long car trips this summer from a Peotone, IL Ford dealer that you can trust? Stop by Terry’s Ford and speak with a factory-trained technician today. Our team will tell you about the necessary tools to make sure you’re fully prepared in the event something goes wrong on your summer getaway. Find Terry’s Ford on Facebook for more information of comes see us today.