Ford logoBreak out the blue balloons, because Ford is about to give birth to four bouncing baby SUVs.

The American automaker recently announced it will launch four brand-new SUV models within the next four years. These new sport utility vehicles will boldly go into segments of the SUV market that Ford currently has a presence in. This is all, of course, in an effort to keep pace with the growing ? and extremely lucrative ? SUV and crossover market.

The New Arrivals

We don’t yet know exactly when the new nameplates will hit or where they will be launched; they could be born under the Ford moniker or as part of Lincoln, and they could be released in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, or all four.

Ford says it has no plans to replace any existing models as these new specimens come to the road.

Consumer Boom

While Ford’s SUVs have been selling like hotcakes in recent years, the number of passenger cars being purchased in the automotive market is dwindling as consumers turn increasingly to the like-a-car-but-better attributes of crossovers and sport utility vehicles.

Part of the recent growth of the SUV market in the U.S. is being attributed to baby boomers and millennials, who have to come to favor roomy SUVs more and more over cars. SUVs are also offering consumers increasingly better gas mileage with each model year, which is attracting more and more SUV and crossover buyers.

Research conducted by Ford shows that many millennials, who have delayed starting families, start looking toward buying an SUV ? with plenty of room for forthcoming offspring ? almost as soon as that biological clock starts ticking in earnest. When millennials start planning for their families, it seems, purchasing an SUV or a crossover figures big into those plans.

Baby boomers also like their SUVs. For one thing, an SUV is easier to climb into and out of once the body starts slowing down. At the same time, the older generation reports feeling a bit spryer and younger behind the wheel of a sporty SUV.

While You Wait?

As drivers wait for the release of the new Ford SUVs, they can check out Ford’s currently available SUV models at Terry’s Ford of Peotone. Bradley and Peotone drivers can test drive these impressive SUVs by contacting or visit us today.