2013 Ford C-MAX EnergiEarlier this week, Ford and the MyEnergi Lifestyle Initiative announced their energy efficient living contest on Katie Couric’s talk show, Katie. The contest will run until June 9th, and the winner will be announced later in the summer. Here at Terry’s Ford in Peotone, we are very excited about this contest and the good it will do for the environment. Families across the country can enter and before a winner is chosen, MyEnergi Lifestyle and Ford will be promoting thoughtful changes to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints for everyone.

Entry Requirements

In order to participate in the MyEnergi Lifestyle contest, you must write an essay of 400 words or less that outlines how your family utilizing solar equipment, energy-efficient appliances, and a plug-in hybrid automobile would help the environment and save money. MyEnergi Lifestyle representatives will judge these essays, and the contest’s grand-prize winner will receive a 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid vehicle, a solar inverter, various energy monitoring devices, and Whirlpool brand appliances.

The MyEnergi Lifestyle Initiative

What Ford aims to do with this collaboration is incorporate energy-saving technology in homes throughout the United States. MyEnergi Lifestyle works with families to smartly alter their use of appliances and other devices that draw electricity in order to reduce total energy consumption and cost. This will not only help keep electricity bills low, but will also lessen the impact that the average American family might have on the environment.

The 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi

The new Ford C-MAX Energi is powered by a 2.0L I-4 gasoline engine with an electric motor. Combined, this powertrain is capable of 188 hp for responsive acceleration and performance when it’s needed. Even with that sporty ride, the C-MAX Energi still manages to get an EPA estimated 92 mpg-equivalent in the city and 108 mpg-equivalent on the highway.

Front-wheel-drive, electric power-assisted steering, variable transmission controlled electronically, and 17-inch aluminum wheels all come standard on this highly innovative model. The SmartGauge instrument cluster with EcoGuide provides real-time information and vehicle performance tips to help you get the most out of your ride.

Find the 2013 Ford C-MAX at Terry’s Ford

Even if you don’t enter the MyEnergi Lifestyle contest, your family will still be a winner with a brand-new Ford C-MAX hybrid vehicle in the garage. For any questions regarding the contest or to take the new C-MAX for a test drive, just give us a call at (888) 832-3250 or visit our dealership today!