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2012 Ford F-150

Do You Know How Much Your F-150 Can Haul?

Are you looking for the perfect truck for towing but are sick of searching through every Ford dealer in Illinois to find the one that suits your need the best? A Ford F-150 may be a perfect choice as it is a highly dependable and reliable truck for towing. Below are some helpful tips for drivers looking to calculate just how much they can tow/haul with their new F-150.

What is a Gross Combined Weight Rating?

The GCWR is a rating calculated by the manufacturer indicating your truck’s maximum towing weight when towing a trailer. This rating is determined by adding the vehicle’s listed curb weight, allowable payload, passenger weight, and the weight of the trailer being towed by the truck. Trailer weight also includes the material on the trailer.

Why Does the GCWR Matter?

The primary reason GCWR matters is that it helps keep you and your F-150 safe. While your F-150 may have the power to tow heavier loads than your GCWR allows, it will be overburdened. An overburdened truck and trailer will be difficult to control on the road. This can also lead to mechanical problems, such as overheated engines, failed braking systems, and even blown tires.

How Can I Find the GCWR?

The GCWR on a Ford F-150 is determined by Ford and is usually printed on a label near the door frame. Open your driver side door and look for the label printed near the door latch. The GCWR should be printed here as well as various other pieces of important information for your truck. However, if your label is missing or faded, you can also search for this information from various websites, including Ford’s manufacturer page.

What if I Can’t Find It On the Label or Online?

If your label is faded and you simply can’t find your GCWR information online, you can also travel to a Ford dealership, such as Terry’s Ford, and talk to one of our fine representatives. Come down to our showroom if you are interested in purchasing a Ford F-150 or simply want to find your current truck’s GCWR. Terry’s is one of the finest dealers in Illinois, and we will be more than happy to help.