Chris Micetich

Welcome Back Chris!

As businesses grow and change, dozens of employees come and go. We try to stay close to them, but sometimes its just not possible. When Chris Micetich moved to our Orland Park Lincoln dealership, we were happy to see him succeed, but sad to see him go. Chris had been with us for over 20 years and his impressive sales ability and friendliness always lifted us up.

Imagine how excited we were when Chris came back to Terry’s Ford after our store in Orland Park closed. It’s been great to have him back and we feel he deserves a little praise for all that he’s done for us over the years.

Top Sales Leader

Chris was always at or near the top of our sales leader board. His friendly, outgoing personality and obvious care for his customers made him many of our customers go-to guy year after year. In 2001, Chris broke all expectations by winning our ?Sales Leader of the Month? award for 12 straight months. We highly doubt that record will be broken any time soon, and makes us especially glad to see Chris back where he belongs.

Generational Selling

20 years is a long time in the auto world and Chris has seen a lot of changes. He has worked with hundreds of car buyers and has seen generation after generation of Fords come through our lot. Amazingly, some of his customers have come back to him time and time again for over three generations of a family. Chris is a big part of the brand loyalty that brings customers back to our shops time and time again.

And a Great Personality to Boot!

Anybody who has worked with Chris can tell you that what you see with Chris is what you get. In the world of auto sales, this is a huge advantage. Chris himself states that he believes his complete honesty and frankness with his customers is what has made him so successful in the business. Chris never puts on a front with his customers or co-workers: he really is that fun and funny all the time!

Basically, we’re doing all we can to get the great news out there: Chris is back! This news will ring happily in the ears of many of our customers whom we’re sure we’ll see in the near future.